Project Description: Go2Burn

This client runs a brick and mortar smoke shop specializing in outstandingly artistic glassware. The client’s old site was outdated from a design perspective, and also did not allow for the client to sell items directly online. With ease of use and a desire to optimize a new site for e-commerce in mind, the client and Lei decided to build the new site using Shopify’s robust, e-commerce focused CMS platform. The client’s specifications required a good deal of customization to a base Shopify theme. One key element was the inclusion of a jQuery-based responsive modal age verifier that implements the js-cookies library so that a user does not get prompted on every visit. Other changes include a custom dimensions tab on each product as well as expandable menus. This project allowed Lei to get more familiar with the Liquid templating language, a Ruby-based open-source language used to power Shopify’s theme templates.

See the live site here: