Project Description: NetImpact NYC

NetImpact is a leading nonprofit that empowers a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world, with chapters in undergraduate and graduate institutions around the world. NetImpact NYC is the New York City professional chapter of the organization. Professional chapters also exist in cities all around the world.

Lei worked in close collaboration with the Marketing Chair of the organization to completely overhaul the chapter’s previous website, which while functional, was outdated stylistically. This project required a comprehensive remapping of the existing content, then extensive work on coming up with a cohesive site-wide look based on the style guides issued from NetImpact Central.

Figuring out how to list chapter events and improve the membership onboarding process were key to the successful redesign of the site. Lei used Zapier to help automate events listings by integrating the Google Calendar Events plugin for WordPress and Eventbrite. Further automation using Zapier was used to help streamline the chapter’s programs application process, which relied on the use of Gravity Forms. A refreshed membership benefits table was used to highlight the benefits of certain tiers of membership.

See the live site here: